We’ve been eating what?

I happened to open an article a friend had posted on Facebook. It was early in the morning and I was curious so I clicked on it. After reading it i felt sick. It was about foods that are allowed in the U.S. that are banned in other countries. You can read the article for yourself  here.

I always knew that we eat some pretty questionable things but for some reason I suddenly saw it as a problem that morning. Over the next few days I found myself grabbing bottles and boxes and reading labels. I was shocked, disgusted and slightly amazed that I had never really thought to pay attention to things more closely before.  So, what was I going to do about it?

BIG changes, that is what we decided to do. From croutons, coffee creamer, chips, fruit snacks, granola bars and more no more over processed toxic junk. I know we can’t make every desired change in the bat of an eye but I am going to try and make as many as we can as quickly as possible. If you really are what you eat I don’t want to be what I was eating anymore. Pinterest was a huge help (as always) when I went to look for recipes and ideas. I started reading labels IN the store BEFORE I bought something. I also purchased a food dehydrator and I am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival in the next week.

Part of me is a bit worried about this change. I know it will require more work on my part. But I really think it will be worth the extra effort and I am excited to see how the change goes.

nutrition--you are what you eat, what you eat becomes a part of you.preview

It seems like I barely blinked

Today is it, she is five. I can hardly believe that our baby is five years old. I can vividly remember my last night being pregnant with her. Waking up early to head to the hospital. One of my favorite memories was seeing those dimpled cheeks and loudly saying “look she has dimples” seconds after she was born.

ImageThe next couple years brought a whirlwind of first and new adventures but she learned and so did we here are a couple of my favorite pics.

birth ann Russ' glasses (1) 102_6595 102_8869 100_9409 100_0257

Days after her second birthday this picture was taken. Her face unknowingly summed it all up, change was already in the air.


Year number two brought news of a baby sister, a big girl bed, potty training and more fun.

100_0931 100_1130 scan 100_1111 DSCN0130 DSCN0450

Then In February of 2011 she officially took on a new role


It was like I was dreaming two beautiful healthy girls, finally able to quit working to stay home with them life couldn’t have been better…

DSCN0598 DSCN0990 DSCN1043

To our surprise about 3 weeks before her 3 rd birthday this happened


Unexpectedly in a matter of seconds EVERYTHING changed. Over the next year we would: Live with grandparents, move into a new duplex, go to Disney World, start building and move into a brand new house. We never saw any of this coming. In an amazing and un-explainable way the next year although one of the hardest we have done, it was one of the best. We saw countless blessing after blessing, and smile after smile.

DSCN1641 DSCN1837 DSCN1977 DSCN2361 DSCN2558 DSCN3024 DSCN3083 DSCN3895 DSCN4145

We moved back home in April of 2012 almost one year later. Marissa loved the new house and her PINK room.


We were able to celebrate her 4th birthday at the new house, she started preschool and we adapted to more of the new normal together. This past year I watched her grow from a silly girl in the late stages of toddler hood into a still silly but more mature girl. It was amazing to watch.

        DSCN4525 DSCN4944 MWF_0351 DSCN5415 - Copy DSCN5588 DSCN5955 DSCN5970 DSCN6050 DSCN6194 002 001 DSCN6402

I can’t believe 5 amazing years have gone by.

With all of the ups and downs and ins and outs of the past 5 years I can honestly say I have NO idea what is next for us. But, I can finally also say I am okay with that.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future ~Jeremiah 29:11

I can find comfort in knowing that. And I know His plan is always good even when it doesn’t always seem that way.

Today starts a whole new chapter and adventure in life and we will take it one day and one step at a time.

Happy Birthday Marissa Renea, we love you to the end of the earth and back.

A change of plans

Somethings we just do without even thinking about what we are doing. They are just choices that we make and we probably honestly haven’t put much thought into them. And then sometimes God comes in and says “Why are you doing that?”. My most recent experience with this concerned how we would school our soon to be starting kindergarten daughter. I had always said we would go the public route. I had never considered any other direction. Private school is not in our budget and home school was honestly something I had always said I would never do. I never had anything against it, I just didn’t ever see myself at a kitchen table teaching children. So, I quickly dismissed thoughts of home school long before I ever had children.

Then boom, there it was. I felt God was asking me to consider the one thing I said I would never do. At first I tried to dismiss His pulling as my emotions. Over the process of a couple weeks, some conversations and prayer it finally was clear. We feel like we are being led to home school. This is not a God wants all kids to be home schooled speech. Let’s face it not everyone is able, wants, or is called to. This is me saying that at this time we 100% feel like this is the direction God is leading our family in. For our family it ultimately came down to having a desire to better equip her before sending her out for battle. But, this is our conviction.

Am I nervous?


Am I scared?


Will it be hard?

I am positive it will.

But I do believe that God is good! I believe that it could be the best investment and sacrifice we could ever make.

And I know that He would never call us to do something that we can’t do.

His grace is overwhelming and sufficient.


I am so excited that not only do I get to be her mom this year, but her teacher to.