A change of plans

Somethings we just do without even thinking about what we are doing. They are just choices that we make and we probably honestly haven’t put much thought into them. And then sometimes God comes in and says “Why are you doing that?”. My most recent experience with this concerned how we would school our soon to be starting kindergarten daughter. I had always said we would go the public route. I had never considered any other direction. Private school is not in our budget and home school was honestly something I had always said I would never do. I never had anything against it, I just didn’t ever see myself at a kitchen table teaching children. So, I quickly dismissed thoughts of home school long before I ever had children.

Then boom, there it was. I felt God was asking me to consider the one thing I said I would never do. At first I tried to dismiss His pulling as my emotions. Over the process of a couple weeks, some conversations and prayer it finally was clear. We feel like we are being led to home school. This is not a God wants all kids to be home schooled speech. Let’s face it not everyone is able, wants, or is called to. This is me saying that at this time we 100% feel like this is the direction God is leading our family in. For our family it ultimately came down to having a desire to better equip her before sending her out for battle. But, this is our conviction.

Am I nervous?


Am I scared?


Will it be hard?

I am positive it will.

But I do believe that God is good! I believe that it could be the best investment and sacrifice we could ever make.

And I know that He would never call us to do something that we can’t do.

His grace is overwhelming and sufficient.


I am so excited that not only do I get to be her mom this year, but her teacher to.

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