Photo shoot

You know how tricky it can be to get a decent picture of a child? I imagine this is a problem that seems to be multiplied by the number of children you have under the age of 10. Yesterday I took the girls down town to snap a new picture of them. The last one that I had done was over a year ago. I kept meaning to take them and have another made but the portrait place has been being remodeled and it really hasn’t been in the budget either. So, I got this crazy idea that I could do it myself. Surely I could snap a picture and with a little help from it would turn into something beautiful. I was even ambitious crazy enough to envision multiple poses and individual shots. So, at 8:30 after hair and a few melt downs over wardrobe choices (Emily our 2 year old is apparently VERY opinionated)  we went out and I started snapping away. I QUICKLY realized this wasn’t going to be the experience I hoped for. But I made the best of it snapped about 40 pictures loaded the kids up and came home. As soon as we got back I popped my memory card in the computer and realized that not one of the 40 pics I took was good. I almost gave up. I told the kids were going back they both let out some sighs, we immediately loaded up and went back. This time I decided to simplify things and make it as quick as possible. I took about 15 pics and felt confident I had gotten a good one for sure this time.

1-DSCN6645 - Copy (2)

We didn’t get multiple backgrounds, individual shots or wardrobe changes. Emily isn’t wearing exactly what I thought she would wear and she IS wearing her sneakers. That girl LOVES her sneakers and cries anytime you put anything else on her feet. I didn’t spend hours curling, straightening or fixing their hair. But I did get one shot, one single shot that captures exactly who they are.


Exciting things are in store for this picture… stay tuned for more details about that!

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