We survived…

Week one of home school, CHECK!

We did it, we survived!

This week went surprisingly well. She was such an eager student. I suppose part of that has to do with both of us being so excited about the new adventure we are on. But, for now I will try and remain naively optimistic that this is how every school week will go at our house… yeah right!

We had handwriting lessons F & E & math. In science we talked about the world that God made and what science is. We had a bible story, discussed the first fruit of the spirit, love. In Social studies we checked out Google earth. I found it amusing that she was just as fascinated as I was the first time I saw it. We talked about our community, read a book about different types of houses and made a sack house. And lastly phonics. I saw amazing progress in her reading skills in only one week! She was looking at picture and spelling words and reading full sentences unassisted. Not to bad for Kindergarten!


We not only survived our first week, we rocked it!

What adventures will next week bring?!

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