Where in the world have I been…

Where in the world have I been? Well it seems home school has definitely put us in a state routine. Our schedule has been VERY routine lately. But on the bright side guess who just finished their first month of home school! We did it and we LOVE it.

New routines also haven’t left much time for blogging. I have missed blogging it has really been a great outlet for me. So, in an effort to be more intentional I did some research and found a blog challenge. Hopefully over the next 30 days (probably longer) I will be blogging more and you may just learn some things about us, me particularly, that you didn’t know.

Day 1: List 20 random facts about yourself (key word here random)

1. I love to knit, mostly when it is cold outside

2. I feel most comfortable in a kitchen wearing an apron

3. I went to Disney World for the first time when I was 27 and cried when I saw the castle ( I cried a lot that trip)

4. I paid $500 for my first car a 1987 Dodge Shadow

5. Gardening is therapy for me

6. I really enjoy running outside it makes me feel free

7. I RARELY wear jewelry

8. I am a bit of a neat freak

9. I used to play the guitar

10. I dropped out of high school, I like to glamorize the story when telling it but none the less I dropped out.

11. I really do love NASCAR

12. I am an EF5 tornado survivor

13. I love vintage cars, like actually vintage meaning 30’s-mid 50’s

14. I bake almost all of the bread our family eats. Tortillas, buns, loaves, biscuits. The only bread we buy is Emily’s sandwich bread since she doesn’t care for mine.

15. I love organization and I mean LOVE (see #8)

16. My favorite place to be on Friday or Saturday night is our patio in the backyard

17. I love country music

18. I LOVE being the mom of two girls, drama and all

19. I was 23 the first time I got on an airplane

20. I am the daughter of The King

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