God bless the sister

From the moment I found out Emily was going to be a girl I was excited. Excited for even more pink, and sparkles. Excited for the familiar. But most of all I was beyond excited that Marissa would have something that I never had, but always wanted… a sister. The picture in my head was fairy tale like. BFF’s forever, loving, nurturing, and caring for each other. I never in my life pictured the flip side to the coin. which happens to involve a lot of drama.

From the very moment I thought about sisters I thought about this…

I adore this movie, and I adore this song. Some days it seems like my hope and prayer may never come true among the bickering over whose doll is whose, or which one gets the pink bowl today. Some days Marissa wants to help Emily with everything and Emily just wants to be left alone.  But other times leave me hopefully optimistic that they are forming an amazing bond that will never break.

For now I am just trying to stay calm, have extra grace and pray a lot! I hope I am teaching them the value of the each other. Having a sister is a blessing and a gift that I pray they will always cherish.

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